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Atlas Tower

Working on the tower will require painting sections of the tower. The type of paint that you choose may be thinner based enamels or water based acrylic.  The choice is yours; however do not mix the two on your model or at least on one section of your model.  You may use acrylic on the wood and enamels on the brick but do not put one type of paint over another.  Keith McMillen also warns not to mix different brands of paint on the same surface and they may react to each other.  If you feel that you must mix brands please test the reaction on a scrap piece of plastic first.

If you choose thinner based paint I will be using Floquil Railroad Enamels and for acrylic I will use Poly Scale which are Floquil Railroad Acrylics. We will use an air brush and paint brushes during this project. Don't worry if you do not have an airbrush but if you are only using a brush please stick to acrylics or you will melt the plastic with the enamel thinners.

Depending on the paint used the technique will be different as the paints act differently and must be used in ways that will produce quality results.
All paints have pigments which should not be inhaled. Enamels require ventilation to remove volatile chemicals that are harmful to us all. In doors these chemical vapors are dangerous if not properly ventilated.  The Acrylics mainly pose a pigment problem that a spray booth will remove from the air without outside vents. A mask rated for painting with acrylics will work for you but the pigment falling out of the air as dust will land on everything in the area that you may be using an airbrush.

Please share your thoughts and if you are part of a group working on the Kit-A Long share your paint and equipment.

Please feel free to request help with paints and equipment by sending in an e-mail to PaulWussow@WindyPines.net  I will try to link up kit builders to share their time and equipment.

If you think you want to Kit-A-Long pickup an Atlas kit and look it over. O Scale kits are also available.

Contact me at PaulWussow@WindyPines.net  for additional information or to send photos and other ideas that may be included in this project.

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Atlas Model Railroad Co., Inc.
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Neither The Three Lakes Model Railroad Club nor any of its members are affiliated with Atlas Model Railroad Co., Inc.  Selection of this kit is because of its quality and wide distribution among model railroaders. 



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