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Brick Work (under construction)

Atlas Tower


Assemble the brick base, the chimney, and be sure to leave the wall inserts on the sprues for easy handling while painting.

brick 1

As you try to build the brick base you will find that it is hard to square up the walls with any tools. This is due to the fact that Atlas has cast many details on to the wall on the outside and the top, bottom and insides have tabs and flow ports of different depths. Using an internal square or an external square is almost impossible. To improve your building this part of the structure please cut off as much of the plastic flow ports as you can. In the photo below I have highlighted these locations. A diagonal cutter will remove the majority of these and a little work with a file will finish the job. As you cement the walls together be sure that the walls and not the tabs are lined up. Because of the tabs on the bottom you may find that setting the walls on a flat surface does not help, so check the top and bottom of the walls where you are putting them together.  Send any ideas and your results to PaulWussow@Windypines.net  


If you think you want to Kit-A-Long pickup an Atlas kit and look it over.
Contact me at PaulWussow@WindyPines.net  for additional information or to send photos and other ideas that may be included in this project.

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